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The Swiss brand AMO Elegance was founded in 2018.

We produce limited collections of dresses and tunics from natural breathable fabrics
such as cotton, silk, viscose and wool.

All our products are handcrafted by the tailors in the atelier.

Most of our models are created in a single copy, which makes Your outfit unique.
One of our main desires is to gift charming Women a delicate feeling of clothing
as a second skin.

Your positive emotions and the comfort of Your skin are important to us.

Be multifaceted and uniquely beautiful.

Anastasia Ushakova
Founder and designer of AMO Elegance

What inspires me to create Fashion

Inspiration when designing models comes from observing the nature with its amazing variety of colors and shades; from sensations of the sea travel and beautiful music.However, my most favorite nature creations are flowers. Observing their shapes and petal color combinations created by the nature itself, miraculously motivates me to create clothing collections.

We always take into account the fashionable colors and shades of the upcoming season, based on the advice

of the Pantone Color Institute.

Most of AMO Elegance outfits are multifunctional and therefore perfect for different occasions.

We create collections that do not go out of fashion, so that they can delight You for several seasons.

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